Business Elite

• Priority service, and increased speed of delivery. • Complete vehicle up-fitting & customization. • Flexible payment options. • Work-ready loaners during your vehicle's servicing. • A full lineup of ready-to-sell commercial vehicles. • Certified facilities, tools, and technicians. • A team of experts that help you find the perfect vehicle for your business' needs.

 Onstar Vehicle Insights

Now that you have a fleet that will keep you moving, don't let unexpected surprises hold you back. With Onstar Vehicle Insights, you can keep your finger on the pulse of daily vehicle operations so that you can make better and more informed decisions.


Why shop at a GM Business Elite Dealer?

We offer a number of advantages when you choose to work with us on your business and fleet vehicle needs!

  • Priority service & fast delivery
  • Complete vehicle up-fitting & customization
  • A variety of payment options
  • Ready-to-sell commercial vehicles
  • Certified facilities, tools, and staff
  • Comprehensive Powertrain warranty
  • Full service, parts, sales and body shop all under one roof
  • VIP fleet program
  • Accommodation of large fleets
  • Special rates for loyal