All Season Summer vs Winter

Tire Experts for your vehicle

When it comes time to picking out new tires for your car, SUV or truck, there’s more to consider than just the weather. Our parts team are experts when it comes time to help decide on the right tires. Here are some things to remember:

  • What type of terrain do I find myself driving most often: countryside, town/city, highway or secondary roads?
  • What is my budget?
  • Are you hauling trailers or carrying heavy weights?

All Season

All season tires are designed to help provide versatile traction for all weather – wet, dry, lightly snow covered. The tire grooves in the tread pattern help disperse water to help improve grip.  They will not provide the same amount of extreme grip as summer or winter tires (depending on the season). However they are known to be the jack-of-all-trades tire.


Summer tires feature unique tread patterns, construction and rubber compounds to help aid in increased handling, cornering and braking in warm weather conditions.


All Season Benefits Include:

  • Provide a more comfortable ride
  • Often quieter
  • Longer tread wear

Summer Tire Benefits Include:

  • More effective when braking
  • They are designed to grip the road
  • They respond well in both dry and wet conditions
  • Perfect for sporty driving – they respond well to changing direction, including curves

Winter Tire Benefits

  • Shorter Stopping distance
  • Better handling
  • Tread have more grip
  • improved performance in colder conditions
  • overall safety